Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Happy Father’s Day SMS Messages 2014

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Hey guys, You might be searching for Happy Father’s Day SMS Messages 2014, Father’s Day 2014 Quotes, Sayings, Greetings, Wishes, Father’s Day SMS, Messages for Friends, Father, Dad, Husband, Brother, Uncle, Boyfriend, Father In Law, Grand Father. Here we are with our latest collection just for you. Enjoy sending these messages to your loved ones. 

Happy Father’s Day SMS 2014
  • The Father….
    “He didn’t tell me how to live;
    he lived,
    And let me watch him do it.”
    Have A Happy Father’s Day ..
  • May “God” Remember “You” like Noah,
    Favor “You” like “Joseph”,
    Honor “You” like “Mary”,
    Fight For “You” like “Israelites”,
    And Prosper “You” like “Abraham”.
    Happy Fathers Day
  • Happy Fathers Day ..
    William Shakespeare Said :
    “When a father gives to his son,
    “They Both laugh”
    And When a son gives to his father..!!
    “Both cry””.
  • A truly rich man is one,
    whose children run in-to his arms,
    When his hands are empty….

Happy Father's Day messages 2014
    • Some Beautiful Lines From
      a Father’s diary For His Daughter….
      “My Son is my Son till he gets a wife……
      But my daughter is my daughter till the end of My life”
      Happy Fathers Day To All Fathers
    • Happy fathers day to my guardian angel.
      I pray every daughter experiences…
      The love you have given me.
      Dad I love you.
  • I know just the person…
    Who needs “101 Ways to Be a Great Dad”.
    Do not worry it is not you!!!!
    Happy Father’s Day!
  • This is his day:
    The day where the daddy’s girl
    Allows her father to become
    the daughter’s daddy.
    It reverses from love.
  • Thanks-4 being There through…
    Happy Father’s Day To You Dad !!!
    You Are The Best Fathers In The World..
  • “My Lovely Grandfather,
    Always said that..
    Living is like licking honey off a thorn.
    From “Louis Adamic”
    Happy Father's Day 2014


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